Like all of the equipment we carry, we choose our turntables carefully. We consider cartridge quality, speed accuracy, and rumble specifications among other less empirical aspects like feel and build quality when choosing what we will offer.
Because we extend warranties an extra year for free, it is important for not only our reputation, but for our bottom line to sell quality built equipment, regardless of the price range. Our regularly priced turntables start at under $300.

Amplifiers and Receivers

Whether surround sound or traditional stereo, and whether separates or all in one receivers, there are certain foundational things that never change. Adding things like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI processing, and app control are all modern conveniences, but the amplifiers themselves are the necessities, and matching their tonal characteristics and power output to speakers can make a big difference to your enjoyment. Perhaps not as big a difference as streaming Spotify to it from the comfort of your couch, but it’s our job to think about everything.

Sources and Accessories

CD Players, Blu-Ray Players, Network Streamers, Cables, Cleaners, and More.
We offer a variety of players and accessories in all different levels. Everything from the “get me by” to the “blow my mind.”